The city of Hawthorne is located in the southwestern portion of the County of Los Angeles. According to the United States Census Bureau, Hawthorne has an area of 6.1 miles, 99% of it land. To the north of Hawthorne is the unincorporated community of Lennox and the city of Inglewood. To the east is the unincorporated community of Athens and the city of Gardena. To the south is the unincorporated community of El Camino Village, and the cities of Lawndale and Redondo Beach. Manhattan Beach is at the southwest corner of Hawthorne, and the city of El Segundo is to the west of Hawthorne. The San Diego Freeway (I-405) runs along the western boundary of Hawthorne. 


Incorporated in 1922, the City of Hawthorne currently has a population of about 89,000.   

Why Hawthorne?

The City of Hawthorne possesses a shared vision towards the future to create a great city and build an economy which supports the community's desire for a high quality of life. By virtue of its location, Hawthorne affords easy, quick access to all that Southern California offers; culture, sports, entertainment, mountains, and beaches. Hawthorne is also home of the Beach Boys!